Centura Health approached us to create a new identity that could help them unify their 250+ healthcare properties. As Colorado's largest healthcare company, we knew this would have to be something bold. We spoke with physicians around the Centura ecosystem, in addition to hospital administrators and healthcare staff. It was clear that whatever we designed would have to exude vitality. We realized their aim was less about prescriptive medicine as it was about whole person care. We asked ourselves a simple question: could graphics make you feel happier, simply by looking at them? In finding the answer, we developed a vibrant, welcoming brand identity for physicians and patients alike.

Based on our inspiration of graphics that radiated a core feeling of health & vitality, we based the brand identity around a warm, buttery shade of yellow. The other colors, a sage green, a sky blue, and a rich coral, were pulled from the rugged Colorado landscape.

Echoing the same warmth as the cheerful color palette, we chose Calibre as the typefce to tell the Centura brand story. It is a rounded sans-serif that is equally legible and inviting to read at all sizes.

After interviewing hundreds of employees across the Centura Health ecosystem, we discovered a unique brand essence. Each of the doctors working there was called to do something more. The core of the brand became enabling those incredible physicians to build whole person care and flourishing communities.

As a healthcare system, we wanted to push how Centura might create branded assets in the future. We developed a custom illustration style inspired by, among others, Geoff McFetridge, and created dynamic, engaging illustrations for billboards, magazines, and more.