Shortly before the Olympic Trials, Los Angeles Marathon, LLC approached us to design a new identity. After producing the world-famous Los Angeles Marathon, the team saw an opportunity to expand beyond their namesake race to acquire new race properties.

We designed an identity that was vibrant, sharp, and incredibly bold, something to share with the vibrant community of Los Angeles. From Venice to the Arts District, Koreatown to Beverly Hills, each neighborhood contributed unique notes to our photoshoots and race materials. The live action shoots were complemented by clean geometric type and creative activations.

Strong type moves became core to the brand's dynamic, athletic appeal. Words became key art, colored in with lime, teal, and bold violet. Sharp geometric forms worked as containing shapes and background patterns. All photos on this page we art directed and shot around neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

Knowing that we were creating a brand that had to appeal to the people of Los Angeles, we focused the strategy around the experience of the race itself: why people might run it, how they might train, their reasons for running it.

Bold type moves were at the core of this brand identity. We chose Stratum for headlines, building on its sharp geometry and athletic appearance. A customized version was used for the logo design, which we crafted to have the same dynamic appeal as the rest of the brand.