evrythng Brand Identity

When investor Shawn Wyns decided he wanted to launch a drink brand, he approached us to work on the strategy and design for a brand in the super-saturated beverage market.

After research and interviews, we realized there was an opportunity for a beverage that would be perceived as the anti-Red Bull. Inspired by surf culture in Baja, we set out to design a brand that felt at home on store shelves as on the sand after a long day in the waves.



Based on our inspiration, we designed a brand that radiated the crisp, cool feeling of paddling out on a surf board and looking for the next wave. We wanted to capture the adventurous spirit of a surf vacation along the coast, time divided between catching waves and sampling local cuisine. The color palette was ocean-inspired, blues and deep teals, accented by hints of warm yellow. Wherever possible, we pulled shots of people enjoying life in the waves.

Knowing action photography would be at the core of this brand, we called on a few of our surfer friends here in San Diego for their best shots. Wherever possible, we showcased our buddies in frame, preferring real people shredding over unattainable athletes. On the sand, we found images of beach bonfires, savvy surfers, and sunset sails. We did everything we could to curate shots that centered around the beauty of nature and the people who love spending their days in the outdoors.

In mapping the brands in the "functional beverage" market, we discovered that all of the brands, other than Red Bull & Kin, focus almost entirely on the product. We realized the big open area in the market is for a lifestyle brand anchored around the application of the products or ingredients. The life rituals of USING the brand in various experiences.