ICASA approached us to create a series of activations that would liven up their existing brand identity. As they were traveling widely to promote the business, we knew our work would have to be both engaging and dynamic. We commissioned a photoshoot and worked with a local LA photographer to capture the details of a local gas station famous for its architecture. We sought to answer the question: how could these graphics energize their audience? In finding the answer, we created a series of vibrant graphics that represented all that ICASA had to offer.

Centering our ad around ICASA's unique offerings for gas station owners, we wanted something that spoke to process, not just petrol. We wanted station owners to look at their station through new eyes. The United Oil station in Los Angeles was the backdrop for our photoshoot, where we took nighttime, long-exposure photographs of the station to capture the imagination of station owners seeing the ad in magazines and trade show publications.