La Salle College Preparatory, a historic private high school in Pasadena, approached us to update their brand identity and rethink their long-term strategy. We spoke with school administrators, parents, teachers, and student ambassadors. We realized the next iteration of their brand design would have to be classic, yet contemporary, an update to the traditional branding that spoke to parents as well as the next generation of students.

It was clear that whatever we designed would have to be dynamic, yet simple, bold, yet considered. We knew we were designing a system that could introduce a generation of students to what design meant. We picked the varsity colors and refined them, and worked to make the brand design reflect the global futures of the students that went there.



Based on our inspiration of bold, yet elegant graphics that radiated school spirit, we centered the brand identity around the idea of stripes. Set diagonally at an angle of 56 degrees, the same year that La Salle was founded, they became a dynamic foundation for our brand identity. The deep navy was complemented by a rich gold, a vibrant coral, and an iridescent blue, all heritage colors we polished for the next generation of students.

During our brand redesign, we discovered a historic version of the La Salle crest that we based the new logo design around. Using story telling devices from the school's past, the chevrons, stars, and stripes became elements of a revised crest design for the school.

After creating the brand system, we decided to stretch what it could do. We redesigned the admissions brochure that all prospective students and parents received during tours of the school, using the stripes, bold color palette, and new typography as our building blocks. We could not be more excited to share the latest.