In anticipation of their 50th anniversary, Lowe approached us to help update and simply an identity that had carried their business through five decades of hard work. As a beloved staple in the architectural community, we knew Lowe's work spoke for itself. After conversations with collaborators across town, in addition to employees and management staff, it was clear our designs needed to present a refined, nuanced presence that would let them seamlessly transition into the next fifty years of business.



To emphasize Lowe's 50-year history in Los Angeles, we paired two different type styles, a rich serif and a nuanced sans-serif, which spoke to the moment in time we found their company, acknowledging a storied past, while moving toward a yet-unrealized future.

As their people were core to the Lowe brand, we decided that collaborating with real employees to commission a photoshoot in the Lowe offices would be the best way to accurately capture the working environment. Partnering with a local Los Angeles based photographer, we art directed a series of portraits to frame our continued efforts to update the brand.

Using the materiality of building as our inspiration, we designed a brand identity that complemented Lowe's architectural work. A simple, repeating motif of bricks became a visual element used throughout the system, as did a series of deliberately-placed L brackets that anchored and secured the graphic plane. Wherever possible, we used images of real places Lowe had helped build.