As the owner of an exceptionally-innovative blockchain technology, SKALE approached us to craft an identity that would amplify their stance as a boundary-breaking technology. As a world-class solution to a problem plaguing the current blockchain, we knew this identity would have to be bold. Looking at blockchain from a micro to macro perspective, we took the simple idea of "trust" on the blockchain (a secure transaction) and used that as our fundamental building block. Each square on the graphic plane represented a "trust", some larger, some smaller, the background showcasing what an array of trusts created faster on the SKALE network might look like, if you could visualize a blockchain. We developed a vibrant, future-leaning brand identity for end users and developers alike to embrace SKALE's new technology.



Building on a macro to micro view of the blockchain, we were inspired by the colors of a developer's terminal and sought to create an identity that bridged the gap from a line of code to a full blockchain. We developed a series of graphics to visualize the blockchain, each playing with the Gestalt principle of "scale" to create a visual system that was flexible and dynamic enough to use at various screen sizes.

Echoing our inspiration of a developer's terminal, we chose Space Mono as the typefce to tell the Skale brand story. It is a monospaced serif similar to what coders would use to program, that is equally legible and scales easily to all sizes.