After ten years of helping patients as a physician, Dr. Karen Patrusky felt there had to be a better way of reaching her patients. Something not as stiff as a visit to the doctors. She enlisted media guru Heidi Edelstein and the two set out to reinvent how patients could better communicate with their physicians.

From concept to full user experience design, we designed Verbena to feel like a casual conversation with a trusted physician. We collaborated with Karen & Heidi at every step of the way to ensure we were meeting the needs of doctors and patients alike.



Step by step, we designed a simple, intuitive journey for patients to effortlessly enroll in Verbena Care and ask advice from a registered physician.

We worked through numerous profiles to ensure we were meeting the needs of patients at various stages of their lives, from menstruation to menopause.

Based on the user experience we created, we dove into a screen-by-screen design of the full Verbena Care platform. We worked to ensure the same light, friendly tone was evident on every page of the platform.